Potty Training is a Bear!!

Well, potty training isn’t coming so easily. It isn’t like I haven’t tried this with her before. But the timing was never right. Either I was in school or it was around the holidays or something else didn’t work out. I’m still in school this time. And I’m potty training out of sheer necessity and lack of something else to do at the moment. She is of age, I don’t have much money left from summer teaching to keep getting her diapers. Last, but definitely not least, and very unfortunately, my sitter skipped out of town on me. One day she just grabbed my hand with tears in her eyes and said that she was going out of town for a few days. That wouldn’t be so bad if she had told me beforehand that it would be for a MONTH!! I thought it was another death in her family because that has been the only time she has left for a couple days in the past. Nope. This time she just took a vacation without a word to me. I think she knew how messed up it was because after the first two weeks, I heard it would be a month through my niece. So, here I am. I wonder if God is trying to tell me something through all this. Whenever I do get some sort of great break, there is always a great obstacle that comes with it. What’s all that about? First semester she was assessed with autism. Second semester, I was recooping from switching her to a whole new program and back to the old babysitter-not to mention the bit of depression that came with the assessment in the first place. Now this. Maybe I was just meant to be a stay at home mom or something. If that’s the case, I wonder why He let me get accepted into the program anyway?

If He’s trying to teach me something through all this, I just wish I would wise up already. This is beginning to get ridiculous.

At any rate, got to get back on the poop post.


~ by babystace on August 12, 2009.

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