Mya started the PECS system at the Brennen School a couple months ago. It’s a picture exchange system for children to communicate their needs. Since having begun the program she is on Stage 4 which is building sentences. At the meeting I had with her therapist, I got the binder that was made for her to take home. On the front of the cover, it has multiple velcro strips. One of the strips has a laminated card that says “I want”. It has a hand on it that is reaching for a cube. There is also a long red card in red with velcro on the top and bottom of it that attaches to the front of the binder. Inside of the binder there are other pages of velcro strips with cards on it that read items like:


When Mya wants something, she takes the “I want” card and attaches it to the front of the long red card. Then she looks into the binder for what she wants and attaches that card right next the “I want” card to make her request. It’s great!!

Now, if only we had a card that said “potty”.


~ by babystace on August 5, 2009.

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