Happy Daddy’s Day!

The hubby and I spent some quality time together this morning before our youngest got up. We plan on going to Mickimotos to celebrate Father’s Day for him some time this week since he has to work today and since my employer forgot to deposit my pay (bummer). But he has been so marriage-minded lately, I really wanted to do something for him today and now I can’t( big bummer).

I’m sure many of you women out there don’t have this problem, but honestly, my husband’s not really a romantic type. He’s more of a rough around the edges type of personality. He grew up with three sisters, his niece, and one older skirt-chasing brother (so I’m told). Since we got married and started living under the same roof, his type of flirting became more like the rough-housing that he did with his sisters. I nagged him about it awhile and eventually, even that stopped. After we got married, I suppose he figured there wasn’t a reason to ask me out anymore or call me up to say hello or anything. At the time I was reading a book by Stormie Omartian called, The Power of A Praying Wife. I think it helped me to see that I had to deal with my own heart first before God would deal with anything that I asked him about. My husband’s and my past had been riddled with pain and I knew it could only be healed by the power of God. Yet the more I prayed, at times, it seemed the worse it got. So, I kind of gave up on any kind of fantasies of marraige, I guess about a year ago. In the end, I sort of just prayed about it and left it on the altar, so to speak. I would still pray. But I began to concentrate more on me. More on improving myself. I spent time on the concept that I had heard about but never experienced: happiness doesn’t come from without, it comes from within. I stopped looking to him to make me happy and I started looking to God and developing that seed of joy that was planted inside me when I first received Him. I began to take some of the scriptures I was reading to heart, “put your beautiful clothes on…”(Isaiah 52:1), that I “would be called Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken” (Isaiah 62:12), and others like this. I concentrated on scriptures about God’s love for me and receiving that love. I would walk around the house saying, “My name is Sought Out. I am A City Not Forsaken. I am beloved of God. I am accepted in the beloved. Christ dwells in my heart by faith and I am rooted deep in love and founded securely on love.” Did I feel foolish? Yes. For a while I did. But after a few weeks of doing this I experienced greater confidence in God’s love for me and it caused me to see things differently. I began to take much better care of myself. Exercising. Eating better. Shopping from time to time for girly stuff. Getting more sleep (though still not nearly enough). Feeling better about me. I still remembered to pray for my husband throughout the week. However, I began to do it without obsessing over it. The marriage and my husband were not idols to me anymore (which is where I think my initial sin was but I hadn’t realized it at that time). You know, when you’re saved, God must be first. He won’t share first place with anyone else. If you try to make Him, you’ll wish you hadn’t. Anyway, after awhile, my happiness stopped depending on what he did or didn’t do. Finally, it felt great to just be me. Sometimes, I wanted him to leave the house so I could be alone and do what I wanted to do. A much better change than constantly paranoid over where he was going and what he was doing and why wasn’t he with me and on and on…

Seems like those prayers are being answered these days. Without even asking him to take me out or pestering him about anything, it seems he has turned over a new leaf. Now he asks me out (he’s still an accountant, but this is still a huge difference), he’s always flirting with me anymore (albeit, in his normally rough way)…he texts me all the time, he initiates quality time (just this past week he bought a movie for us to watch together all cuddled up on the chair-what the???), and lately, he has even…gasp!…given me money! I don’t know what that’s all about, but I’m beginning to look at prayer in a whole new light now! I’m sure all this has only scratched the surface of what the Lord is doing in my marraige. But, it’s exciting nevertheless!

At any rate, Father’s Day for my husband will actually not really get underway I suppose until later this week. But I’m hoping to make it a special one.

In the meantime, the little one and I will be going to church to say Happy Father’s Day to the Father. Then we’re going to my folks’ house to see my dad.

Happy Father’s Day!


~ by babystace on June 21, 2009.

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