So Thankful

This scene takes place in the family kitchen where I do my best to make tasty dishes for my family.

While using a paring knife at the kitchen sink to clean the main course, my son, Little Kyle, sneaks up behind me and begins to tickle me.
As I jiggle to get away while still keeping my mind on the task at hand…

LK: Aha, got ya!
ME: I see! (giggling)
LK: Can we exercise later on tonight? (still tickling)
ME: Sure. I already exercised earlier….but I guess I can go another round. (still giggling)
LK: Cool. (stops tickling)

Before leaving, Little Kyle takes a moment to peak his head around my shoulder to see what exactly it was that I was doing at the sink anyway.

LK: I didn’t know you had a knife in your hands.
ME: Yes, I know. But I wouldn’t have let it hurt you.
LK: I was talking about you. (walks away.) I just saved your life.

Aren’t we just so thankful for our precious children?

Have a Happy Memorial Day.


~ by babystace on May 24, 2009.

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