This past week, I sent Mayra’s monetary birthday gift. It went something like this:

Sent $25 via web payment.

Waited 1 day.

Didn’t see deduction in bank account.

Emailed Compassion about payment.

Got a response that they didn’t see it come through yet but to give it a couple days.

Next day, still didn’t see deduction or the payment in Compassion site.

Wrote another email and sent confirmation.

Got email saying that the payment would go through shortly.

Logged into Compassion account.

At the very top of the Giving History page somehow noticed the text, “If you just made a donation here, it will be referenced here within two to three business days.”

Felt really silly.

Well, I had good intentions anyway.

I’m sleeping easier since I passed review last Thursday and Friday I gave my presentation on my research. Monday I’ll be getting in the studio to do some painting! But today, with review and the semester behind me, I got up with the intent to get some clothes washed, clean up around the house a bit and relax.

Big Kyle took Little Kyle to his basketball game and I was able to get some laundry done while they were out. This past Friday while the first years were doing the research presentations, he texted me to ask me out on a date to a movie. I was so surprised I nearly fainted! My husband is an accountant. He can pinch a dollar till it hollers. So, if he’s going to spend some money, it’s a big thing. We’ll probably be going to a matinee tomorrow, but I’m still going to enjoy every minute of it! Well, after I get over the lingering shock. We rarely ever get time just for us so that will be nice.

Little Kyle is out with the boys. Big time baller now. His basketball team is out for the day celebrating. I miss him lots. But, he’s older now. My mom tells me that your relationship with your children changes as they get older. I don’t know that I was all that prepared for that. He was my only child for a long while before Mya came along. He’s still my baby. But I only get glimpses of him in that pre-teen face anymore. Must say though, he’s turning into a very handsome young man.

Mya, my shadow, has been running the house today. She ate all of her food-and mine too. All of her toys are everywhere. She even knocked over my freshly folded up clothes. She had her daddy wrapped around her little finger as usual. And her grands stopped by just to see her. I tell you, spoiled rotten. I just adored watching her little self thinking that she was queen of the day today.

Life is good.


~ by babystace on May 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Breathing”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 I dread when my little man hits teenage years. He’s 7 and already I can’t kiss him when I drop him off from school!

  2. LOL! Yeah, I remember that very well. And I have to remember not to call him “Boop” in front of his friends. They grow up so fast!

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