Gifts and Prayers for Mayra


Isn’t this gorgeous?! The restrictions for sending gifts to sponsored children through Compassion are a bit challenging. Although I still have yet to find all of the new ones, the size is limited to 8.5 x 11 inches and thickness of no greater than 1/4 inch. Also, there should be no metals (but I think plastic is allowed now). So, I’ve been looking for ideas for what to get for her. The above gift idea is from SoSheSews of Etsy. I first saw one of her items for sale on 5 Minutes for Mom for their Going Green segment. Pretty cool, huh? She’ll have something sweet to put all of her stickers in for safe keeping. And it’s made of recycled plastic!

I don’t yet have a letter from her, but the more I find out about El Salvador, the more I feel my heart reaching out toward her. I subscribed to Tim’s El Salvador blog in which he specifically posts news about El Salvador. It comes to my email address. I am a little behind reading it since I’m working on my paper for the MFA program. But what I read about today nearly broke my heart. The post was named Awash in Blood. How’s that for a jolt? Then, it referenced another article called El Salvador Grapples with Rising Bloodshed from the LA times. It makes me wonder what life is like for her. I wonder if gang activity or corruption touches her life. Does she have to take longer routes to the center just to steer clear of harm? Is she even able to go to school everyday or does she have to stay home at times because it’s just too dangerous? Does she sleep in fear? What is her family’s alarm system for when there is danger nearing their home?

I remember growing up on a street where there was some drug activity. I don’t recall the street being overrun by it. But I do recall it being blatantly obvious. One of the things my mom used to tell me and my brother was the minute we heard shooting, run into the house. There were a few times we had to follow that advice. Now I live in a neighborhood where I haven’t even so much as seen a fight break out (thank the Lord). But thinking back on that and seeing what is written about El Salvador on a daily basis, that was like a walk in the park.

I’m praying that Mayra and her family will experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding even in the midst of all the trouble in El Salvador.


~ by babystace on May 18, 2009.

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