Got My Package!

Today the child package from Compassion arrived! I have been so excited waiting for this package that I still read every single word in it that I had already read on the website! Here’s a picture of my other baby girl. While waiting for this package, I’ve read up on quite a few of the relationships between the children and their sponsors and it seems that they feel like they are almost like another set of parents. Works for me! I love her already and I haven’t even received my first letter from her yet!

Just before I got the letter I was watching Joyce Meyer on the television. I’ve been a partner of JMM since probably around 2002 and I used to watch Joyce everyday until I got into the MFA program. Now I have to download the podcasts of the show. But I’ve been slacking on that lately too. Still, somehow I was home long enough today to get to see the first good bit of the show before taking Mya to school. She was to be talking about “God’s Passion.” I knew from watching her for years that it was going to be something along the lines of treating other people right. But this show was just a little extra. It was just the confirmation I needed! You know, just because I decided to sponsor a child, doesn’t mean that everyone I know agrees with the decision. It doesn’t even mean that my head totally got in agreement in the beginning! I left my job nearly a year ago to become a full-time student. What kind of sense does it make to take on an added expense when you’ve left full-time employment? My husband is not the most agreeable type either when it comes to giving to ministries. He’s an accountant and naturally skeptical about them (although he’s seen Compassion’s financial statements-and Joyce’s as well-and has said there isn’t one bad thing that anyone could say about their practices). Still, I think it’s going to take a little more time and a lot more prayer to get him to change his mind about giving money. We do have some struggles taking care of our own. But, in my opinion, we have access to the things we need. My mother, she doesn’t say much at all. That normally means she’s just waiting to see with a raised brow. Since I look to these two so much for encouragement or support, it hasn’t been easy to think what I’m doing is right. So, I had to look to God for confirmation that what I was doing was right for me to do. I got immediate confirmation after I did it (we have this private thing and He did that right after I decided to sponsor Mayra). So, today was just added on, but I’m grateful for it just the same. You can leak faith out on a daily basis if you don’t get a daily refill. I’ve got to work on that…

Anyway, Joyce was talking about children in other areas of the country that are literally starving to death. She told the story of a woman who had given birth to triplets and had begged Joyce’s sons to take them to the US because she didn’t want to see them starve to death! Normally, I watch Joyce for her practical teachings on the bible. I’d never seen an episode like this one. She went on to say that it didn’t matter whether you partnered with her ministry or not so long as you do something. She spoke of how we sit here in our conferences while there are children with pain in their stomachs for lack of food. I couldn’t watch the whole show, but what I saw was just simply awesome. God was speaking to me again through that woman. I do believe I’m on the right track!

Okay…So…Mya’s and Mayra’s birthday is coming up soon so I’ve got to figure out what all I’m going to get them. For Mya, normally any old noise-maker will do. But I saw her actually playing with her doll in the tub the other day. While she was bathing, she starting bouncing her baby doll (which she normally has absolutely no interest in) on her lap like we used to do with her when she was smaller. We still bounce her now, only we bounce her on the floor since she’s so much bigger now. Then she turned the baby upside down and looked at it for a couple minutes. I wasn’t sure what all that was about it. Then, all of a sudden, she started clapping! I think she figured out, “It’s a Girl!” I can’t help laughing at that. So maybe another doll for Mya. This time with some hair if I can get her to leave the Vaseline alone. The girl keeps greasing her face and hair down with the stuff. On the other hand, with Mayra, Compassion has instituted that the highest amount I can send for her birthday is $25, so of course, she’ll be getting that. But I’ve looked at many of the suggestions on the Compassion Blog about what to send and I think that she might like some stickers-and if I can find them, some paper dolls? I haven’t seen any of those in years. There is also an Adventure Bible in Spanish. I would love for her to have one of those-only I know I can’t send that through the mail. Or maybe one of Joyce’s amplified bibles if they have those in Spanish for kids? But I thought, since there is a trip coming up soon, maybe I could get in touch with someone who is going and send it to them for Mayra? I’ll have to figure out how to do even find one of them first. But that would probably have to be a Christmas present anyway because that trip is later on in the year. For now, I guess the paper dolls win. I wonder if there are some that accentuate all types of beauty rather than one though? I guess I’ll find out.

I am still trying to decide what to write about for my first written letter. My actual, very first letter ever to her was sort of introductory through Compassion’s email system. I just couldn’t wait! I wanted her to know as soon as possible that she had a sponsor. I still think there is cause for more introductions though so…maybe I’ll tell her a little about what we all do in the next letter. She might like to know that.


~ by babystace on May 12, 2009.

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