Happy Mother’s Day!!

Kids. They’ll do it every time. You can count on it. Yesterday I was sitting in the green module of AI DuPont Children’s Hospital. I was there because Mya didn’t seem to be getting any better. Well, at least she had looked sick while we were at home…which brings me to my question: Why do my children snot, cling, lay not play, cry and whimper at home when they’re ill, but get them in front of a doctor or even in the near vicinity, and they’re jumping around like they have ants in their pants? Oh yes! Singing, giggling, and charming nurses. She happily played in the wagon in the waiting room and even helped put back some of the pamphlets that had fallen from one of the end tables. She waved and said, “Goo-bye,” to the weighing/temperature-taking office on her way to the doctor-waiting office (which apparently the nurse thought was cute since she giggled at it). While awaiting the doctor, Mya took to the adventure of climbing the doctor-officey-looking thingie in the corner to get up to the examination table. All this from a child who was stuck to me like glue and wouldn’t make a peep other than a moan at home. I’m not a novice mom. This is the second time around for me and I’m pretty certain this is a classic ear/sinus infection. But, I always wonder after explaining my child’s symptoms and bringing them in for a sick visit, if the doctor doesn’t question if the child is the one that needs to be on something. Well, she wound up having an ear infection though. So, I suppose the next time I suspect she has one, I’ll just pack her up and we’ll go live at AI for a couple days.

On another note, this is Mother’s Day and I have something to share that might not be the puffy cloudy type stuff you will usually see on Mother’s Day posts. Read on at your own risk.

I’m glad to be a mom. But I’m sure there are many out there who may struggle with mother’s day in ways that I haven’t. About a year or so ago, a friend of mine found out that her and her new husband were about to have a baby. She even waited a good bit before telling everyone. But then, unexpectedly, she had a miscarriage. I can recall her asking me, “Why does God always take everything away from me?” As I was consoling her, I told her as best I could that I didn’t believe that that was God who had done that. While I didn’t say my next thought, it came to me that I had a strong suspicion that the actual culprit was Stress.

One thing that I would like for all mommy’s and mommy’s-to-be to do this year, at least for today, is to just “Be Blessed” as Yolanda Adams would put it. Stop stressing out. Even in this poor economy we have in the States right now, if you have a roof over your head, something to wear, and something to eat (even if it’s not what you’d want), you’re doing so much better than many. And for many of us, our stressors include dissatisfaction with our family or our jobs or something of that nature. How about just being happy that we have a job to be dissatisfied about? As a mother of a child who has been assessed with autism, I sometimes find myself being tempted with feelings of frustration. But when I think about the fact that there are many women out there who are unable to have children of their own at this time (or have children with way more serious life-threatening illnesses), I have to check myself. I just feel like most of the women I know, including myself at times, don’t take into account all of the things we should be thankful for. Instead, we choose to dwell on the things that frustrate us most and that steals a lot of the value of our lives. It robs us from living in the here and now and using our gifts to make life better for others. Honestly, yes, I have some problem areas in my life. But, when I think about them in relationship to the problems that I could have, I have to say, I’m quite blessed. As a side note to those of you out there with challenging children…if your children are causing you some type of pain or stress, you’re are in such a good position as their parent to pray for them. We don’t get to be God. But we do get to talk to Him. Yet, even He won’t intervene if He isn’t asked. He’s too much a gentleman for that. When we do ask though, He can do abundantly over and beyond what we could ever think to ask (Eph. 3;20). I think that’s a good position to be in. For those of you who want to have children to worry about, why don’t you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child that really needs you. While you’re answering someone else’s prayer, God will be answering yours.

It’s really easy though to just talk about, “Yeah, stop stressing out!” Without sharing the best way to do that, it’s not worth much at all. The best way to stop stressing out is to get your mind off your problems, off yourself, and to begin putting it on the Lord (Who is the only One that can help you anyway) and on helping others in whatever way you can-no matter how small you may think that is. Seeing the bigger picture often puts everything in perspective and helps us to live happier lives. Of course, that does involve utilizing your right to choose. Truth be told, some of us like having our stuff that we get to worry about. We carry it around like a badge of honor or something. And truly, how honorable is it to go around depressing yourself an others with your problems? Everybody has some problem. They don’t need to add your worries to their own. But we can choose to give that problem to the Lord and help someone else with theirs while He’s working on ours. And before we know it, He’s done it!

You can choose to have a Happy Mother’s Day everyday. Why not choose today?

Have a Blessed and Happy Mother’s Day.



~ by babystace on May 10, 2009.

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