Miss Mya

It’s 11:51 p.m. and I’m whooped. Why? Because Miss Mya is feeling better now. That’s a good thing, naturally. But, it’s during her “down” times that I can usually catch a break. She goes to sleep late (no matter how early she is put in her crib) and is up early (no matter what day of the week it is-and extra early on Saturdays). Ugh. Since she is big enough to jump out the crib and go anywhere in the house that she chooses, I usually get to bed sometime after 12. It’s a little trickier in the mornings.

Okay, so that is the only complaining I’m going to do tonight though. Mya has been going to the Brennen School for the past few months. The Delaware Autism Program is apparently the only one of it’s kind in the nation. Here’s a great link to some good information on the program and the challenges of autism.

It had to have been God that we live in this state or that we even found out about it. We had been praying that she get the best possible help for her. And while still holding on to the truth that God can do the impossible, we did what we had to do in the natural to get her the help she needed. She was tested and found to be developmentally delayed across the board. However, the only aspect of it that we really had trouble dealing with at home was the speech delay. Still, she started at Easter Seals and then when she aged out not long afterward, she started at Bush. Bush was actually a really good school to begin with. But they just didn’t have the resources she needed. They seemed to be more equipped for developmental delays. Then she was assessed with autism shortly after beginning at Bush and has been with Brennen ever since. She has shown so much progress in the short time that she has been there. The staff there is really great with her. No more tears when I drop her off somewhere (although Bush was really good at that too, not so much another so-called preschool in Delaware that will remain nameless-with the exception of the poor review that I intend to give them on a school rating site). At Brennen, she actually has “peers”. She comes home with a new word nearly everyday (no, she doesn’t use them all everyday, but it’s still something). She even follows directions now and you never know how much it means to tell a child, “Put that back,” and your child actually understand what you mean and follows through with it (even while sometimes verbally mocking you), until you have one that doesn’t have a clue what you mean and just stares back at you blankly. They even teach me better ways of dealing with her at home through the book that they send home on her progress everyday. As you can clearly see, I’m not impressed at all. She’s doing so well there that I almost feel guilty even complaining about much at all.

So, I guess I’ll overlook the newly ripped up paper in the corner that I’ll have to clean up before hitting the sack. I tell you, that girl is better than any shredding machine I’ve ever seen.



~ by babystace on May 9, 2009.

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