Mayra is her name. She’s from El Salvador. She’s eight years old and in the first grade. That’s all I know about her just yet. But I’ve been tearing through every search engine looking for information on her project and her area of the world. I even tried the El Salvador segment of Quest for Compassion, a new kids site that Compassion has set up for children to learn about what poverty is like and how they can help. While I’ve been taking care of a very congested Mya at home, I sent the link to Little Kyle so that he can check it out. He’s really got to try the fish catching game!

But that wasn’t all I did. So far,

1. I’ve got a lot of interesting ideas about how to write interesting letters to my child (and how not to get discouraged should I get a child who doesn’t warm up to me right away) from here.

2. I’ve learned a lot more about the bigger picture in El Salvador with this video and some of what I need to pray specifically for my child.

3. And I’ve read about the love and support from various sponsors toward their sponsored children on blogs like this one and this one and a few others as well. There are such moving stories out there. I found myself tearing up more often than not.

I am so glad that I decided to put my faith into action finally. As I shared with another blogger earlier, everything I see while I’m digging up information just makes me happier about this decision.

And, God is so good! For the last month or so I’ve been attempting to learn Spanish. For me, it just all feels like it’s too coincidental to not be God. Isn’t He amazing?!

In other news, as I mentioned, the Mya isn’t feeling too great so I’m home with her. She has just gone down for a nap on the sofa and I’m keeping an eye on her temp. I’m an MFA student right now and I’m generally always torn between that and being Mom. While I’m taking care of my baby girl, I’m getting really behind in my studio practice. Not sure how to handle that just yet. But, I know the Lord has a plan for all this to work out. Thank God that He knows even if I don’t.


~ by babystace on May 7, 2009.

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