A New Mommy Again, Sorta

Today I decided to declare myself a “New Mommy Again, Sorta” or NMAS for short.  My husband and I currently have two children.  Kyle and Mya. I love them to pieces. I know I was destined to be their mom. But this past week I was destined to become a NMAS.

Kyle’s the oldest and he’s into basketball and karate right now.  Mya, my youngest has been assessed as being on the autistic spectrum.  She’s a challenge, but really a sweetie (and a really good charmer!).  They’re my pride and joy no matter how tired I am when it’s time to go to bed. Still, for the past few months I had been feeling a pull in another direction.

I always knew I wanted three kids.   And I knew that I wanted twin girls and a boy.  Thankfully, God saw things a little differently.  Mya is about as much a handful on her own as twins could ever be! But, a few days ago I followed another childhood dream of becoming a sponsor of a child from another country.

It’s funny how God works these kinds of things out.  When I decided to actually act on this dream, I searched around for some good soil.  I was looking for an honorable place to start.  I found Compassion had so many good reviews (and really not much negative at all), so I went with them.  Again, it’s only been a couple days.  But I have downloaded a lot of good information from their site and I’ve already written my child a letter by email.  It’s pretty exciting! I’m really looking forward to developing this relationship.

By the way, my child’s name is Mayra and she shares my daughter’s birthday.  So, in a way, I got my twins after all!


~ by babystace on May 6, 2009.

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